Shareholder FAQ

Who do I contact for shareholder questions?
Shareholders should contact Equiniti - Shareholder Services for questions about stock certificates, change of address, transfer of stock to another person, dividend checks, shareholder records and for an IRS Form 1099.

Who should I contact if I hold PACCAR shares in a brokerage account?
Please contact your broker.

What is PACCAR's fiscal year?
January 1 through December 31.

What happens to my stock if the company cannot contact me?
State law governs the company's obligations to surrender dividends and related stock to the state if it cannot locate a shareholder after a period of time. Thus, shareholders are encouraged to keep their addresses up to date and promptly cash their dividend checks.

Can my dividends be directly deposited to my bank account?
Yes. Through PACCAR's transfer agent, registered shareholders may elect to have their dividend checks deposited directly to their account at a bank or other financial institution. Call Wells Fargo at 800.468.9716 for a Direct Deposit enrollment form.

Can I access my registered stock account online?
Yes. Please visit to obtain information on your registered PACCAR stock account. You can order a duplicate Form 1099, change your address and process other transactions via a secured internet site.

Does PACCAR have a dividend reinvestment program?
PACCAR does not currently have a dividend reinvestment program.

I recently sold some PACCAR shares and I need to determine their cost basis in order to report capital gains taxes to the IRS. Can you help?
You will be able to determine this information using the NetBasis cost basis system. This system will calculate the cost basis for your PACCAR stock, by adjusting for any corporate actions or dividend reinvestments. You will need to know your purchase/acquisition dates, number of shares or amount acquired and sold and your sale dates. To use this cost basis system click on the icon. If you have any questions using the NetBasis system, you can call their 24/7 Customer Care Call Center on 1.888.802.2747.

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