State of California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Supplier Code of Conduct-
Policy to Combat Slavery and Human Trafficking

PACCAR is committed to ensuring that its suppliers do not use slave labor or engage in human trafficking. PACCAR’s Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits suppliers from using forced labor of any kind. PACCAR’s Supplier Code of Conduct can be found at:

PACCAR suppliers certify that they comply with laws regarding minimum employment age, working conditions and compensation, and do not engage in slavery or human trafficking. Noncompliance is grounds for termination and elimination from the PACCAR supply base.

PACCAR has a Code of Business Conduct (“Code”) requiring officers and employees to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. All employees receive training on the Code. The Company’s training curriculum for Purchasing and Supplier Quality personnel includes awareness training regarding prevention of slave labor and human trafficking. Any employee determined to have violated the Code will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

PACCAR selects suppliers after detailed reviews of their operations. PACCAR conducts periodic on-site supplier visits, announced and unannounced, for various reasons, including verification and auditing of contract compliance. PACCAR employees, not third parties, generally conduct such visits. The visits are typically not focused solely on slavery or human trafficking. Evidence of labor violations, if any, are documented and reported to PACCAR for review and action.