Code of Business Conduct

To our Employees:

The manner in which PACCAR conducts its business, and the opinion of our shareholders, employees, customers and the public, is very important to the continued success of PACCAR.  Over the years PACCAR, through its commitment to integrity and honesty demonstrated by PACCAR’s directors, officers and employees, has earned a reputation for adhering to the law and maintaining the highest level of honest and ethical conduct.

PACCAR’s Standard Policy 10, Principles of Conduct, states:

PACCAR conducts business so as to reflect the highest ethical standards, fulfill our legal obligations, and meet our social responsibilities.  We strive to gain the favorable regard of customers, shareholders, employees, governments, and the general public through superior performance and effective communications. 

The purpose of this Code of Business Conduct is to comply with the law and heighten awareness of and sensitivity to the ethical aspects of our business so that we continue to uphold the principals of Standard Policy 10 in our daily decision making.  It is the responsibility of each director, officer and employee of PACCAR to review the Code of Business Conduct and become familiar with how the Code applies to specific business situations.  Every individual business action taken has an impact on PACCAR’s excellent reputation.  The important message being reiterated in the Code of Business Conduct is that everyone in PACCAR will comply with the law and the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct. 

R. Preston Feight
Chief Executive Officer