PACCAR International is a division of PACCAR Inc. PACCAR International is highly customer focused and its organization reflects that focus. Dealers are appointed to provide local service and parts support to our customers. Where dealers are not available, or have not yet been developed, the nearest region office is staffed to provide coverage, and this same office provides backup to the dealers in its territory. The base of operations is at our headquarters in Washington State, USA.

Brief History

PACCAR International was established in 1972 to service the specialized needs of international markets for PACCAR trucks. In the ensuing years, the division further developed its expertise not only in spec'ing trucks, but also in shipping, and servicing the units sold internationally through an ever growing network of quality dealers. Today, it is putting new technology to use to improve communication links with its offices and dealers to enhance its service to the customer. All the while, it has never deviated from its goal of providing the best transport vehicle on, and off, the road, as well as the service to keep it going. Markets excluded from PACCAR International's coverage are the U.S., Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and the Netherlands where local manufacturing operations and distribution channels exist.


PACCAR International
Phone 1-(425) 468-7800
Fax 1-(425) 468-7850




Regional Offices
Asia/Pacific Region
PACCAR International
Indonesia Representative Office
Phone: 62-21-515-7644
Fax: 62-21-515-7799
Middle East and Africa
Middle East Region Office
Phone: +973-1753-1014
Fax: +973-1753-0587
Email for Africa -
Email for Middle East -
North American Accounts
PACCAR International
Global Accounts
Phone: 1-(425)-468-7800
Fax: 1-(425)-468-7850
People's Republic of China Region
PACCAR China Ltd.
China Representative Office
Phone: 86-010-6590-0976 or 0972
Fax: 86-010-6590-6368
Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States
PACCAR International
Russia Office
Phone: +7-495-488-8139
Fax: +7-495-999-1725