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  • Hector"From working on the assembly line at the Peterbilt Truck plant in Texas, to auditing IT Operations in the Netherlands, PACCAR has allowed me to experience the corporation from many different perspectives and disciplines. I have been able to witness firsthand how PACCAR's culture of quality is embraced by employees and organizations all around the globe."



    Hector, operations manager, PACCAR Leasing Company, Bellevue, WA. With PACCAR since 1990.

    Larisa"PACCAR has offered me the perfect career opportunity. Within 18 months, I spent time at 12 PACCAR divisions, including six plants. I had never worked in operations, and thanks to my division travels, I discovered that I enjoy that side of our business and working in the plant environment. This experience has prepared me for an exciting career at PACCAR."



    Larisa, sales manager-Latin America, PACCAR Parts, Renton, WA. With PACCAR since 2006.

    Jake"PACCAR offers opportunities to work on a breadth of projects and assignments. In my early days with the company, my assignments ranged from working at the Kenworth Renton Plant to reviewing the Marketing Setup for PACCAR Financial at a truck show. I then traveled to Kenworth Australia and Kenworth Mexico to assist with internal audits and worked in strategic planning. Very few companies provide that range of exposure in a career."



    Jake, director of national accounts-Kenworth, PACCAR Financial, Bellevue, WA. With PACCAR since 2004.

    Laura"PACCAR has expanded my career options. Through rotations in production line management at Peterbilt Denton to working at PACCAR Financial in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, I have performed a variety of operations roles, an area in which I had never previously worked. This experience has helped me understand the global nature of PACCAR and develop a network that continues to benefit my career."



    Laura, distribution center manager, PACCAR Parts, Leyland, UK. With PACCAR since 2004.

    Walter"I knew about PACCAR engine manufacturing before joining the company. PACCAR provides great products to their customers and I wanted to be involved in that process. Now that I am a part of the team, I enjoy the quality driven atmosphere that makes PACCAR the outstanding organization it is today. PACCAR Engine Company is truly 'Powered by Quality'."



    Walter, manufacturing engineer, assembly, PACCAR Engine Company, Columbus, MS. With PACCAR since 2011.

    Nicole"The working atmosphere at DAF is great. A lot of effort is put into encouraging teamwork, and everyone is willing to help you out. You work on projects with colleagues from different disciplines and departments. All team members have their own specialties and responsibilities, but ultimately we are all working towards the same goal."



    Nicole, development engineer, DAF Trucks, Eindhoven. With PACCAR since 2008.

    Erik"Working for PACCAR is an incredible opportunity where every day is not just a job but a place to invest your career. I value the collaborative work environment and cross-functional team meetings which promote a sense of community as we strive to surpass expectations in our products. The ability to then see these products on the road is incredibly rewarding and makes me proud to work for PACCAR an industry leader."


    Erik, associate design engineer, Peterbilt Motors, Denton, TX. With PACCAR since 2010.

    Lizbeth"PACCAR designs and produces the best products on the market, and I am very proud to be a part of the engineering team. Working in Product Development at Kenworth has been an opportunity for me to work with top-caliber people on new, exciting and challenging design projects. I also appreciate that PACCAR puts a high priority on career development and training. I have benefited from excellent leadership training, technical training and career development programs. This helps me contribute to PACCAR's success, as well as benefit my personal career."


    Lizbeth, engineering manager, Kenworth Truck Company, Kirkland, WA. With PACCAR since 2003.



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